Privacy Policy

Privacy first: no tracking scripts, no Google Analytics

Track visits NOT visitors

Hi, this is Vijayabharathi, author of this blog. Just wanted to let you know that this site now GDPR compliant (in fact, it does not even come into the GDPR remit, as not Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is being tracked.

I have used Google analytics in the past. But not anymore. I don’t fully utilize the tool. I just need daily visit count, but it tracks much more than what I need. So, I have removed Google Analytics on 20th May. If you have visited this blog before 20th May, I might have cached a version of that page which might still reach out to Google analytics. But that should go away when you refresh the page or visit it a second time.

All the social media sharing buttons are also static and safe without any associated tracking script.

I added my own visit tracking solution, see, not visitor tracking solution. It just tells me how many people read articles from this site and from which country and what kind of device/browser. That’s all I need to ensure a good overall experience for you. This is also to keep me motivated.

Bottomline, your secret is safe with you. You are in control.

Mailing List

That being said, the news letter is another story. If you are interested in receiving email notifications when I have written new articles and / courses, you can subscribe to my mailing list. Your email is the only thing I would need. But that is classified as PII.

The email list solution is from MailChimp and they have their own privacy statement too. Mailchimp allows me to send email notifications. You can unsubscribe anytime you want, the link will be in the email notification itself.

You can subscribe to the mailing list here.

Please drop a note to me on if you have any complaints.

Go ahead and read with peace of mind.