A technology blog on web development


When you tend to forget faster than you learn, one way to enhance retention is to write about it. That’s how it started. Also, others in need might reach here for help.


Document all that is learned as practically as possible and make it available for everyone. A blog, naturally. Ruby on rails, CSS, javascript, TDD, React, Redux, Devops, Travis, Git, Nginx, Passenger, Puma, Postgresql, Virtualbox, Selenium, WebDriver, Software Testing—so much learning, but when I hit the same problem again, I tend to search through the same set of forums and solve it a second time in the longest way possible. Keeping them documented would help me and many.


It was supposed to be Jekyll blog engine for static site, but ended up using Hugo. Jekyll is on Ruby, I liked it and I was just starting up, so didn’t have too much content to slow down the build process. However, Hugo is based on ‘Go’ language and I thought that would add more flavor. I also saw Sara’s post on switching, so Hugo it is.

GitHub Pages for hosting. So far, zero cost. A custom domain (cheaper than a good meal) and cloudflare SSL (zero cost again, as I don’t expect this to have million visitors every day).


You can get to know me more on https://vijayabharathi.in. I must warn you, it’s a boring personal portfolio site, let me know if you survive all that.


Genesis: May 2017, 10 years after I graduated.

Update: my first post was in August 2017, 3 months after I started building space for my blog, can’t believe I put it off for more than 100 days!